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5 Super Powered Words that Turn Your Text into $$$


Last week I posted on X and Linkedin about 5 power words. These 5 words are often used to illustrate how supplying shortcuts for your reader keeps your message clear and concise.


Weak words are shallow—they don’t make your readers feel anything because they don’t allow your readers to visualize your words.


Powerful writing, in contrast, is simple and to the point. It grabs attention and has a stronger impact because it sticks an image into their mind and makes your reader feel something.


I wanted to take it one step further in today’s newsletter. You see just using these words alone won’t make your passive audience suddenly want to hand over their credit card. In fact, if overused they can cause friction on your buyer's journey and lose their trust.

There's a strategy to using them - you need to rephrase them like the big brands.

Let me show you

Power Word 1: New

“New” takes your reader on a journey of discovery.

We have a human attraction to things that are innovative, and shiny.

Learn to rephrase “new” in multiple ways that get your audience excited


Power Words New

Power Word 2: Free

Everyone loves a freebie but you can’t just throw it out there without sounding valueless.


Show the value or outcome they’ll receive - make it perceived value more than just free


Then take away any risk or objection

Power Words Free

Power Word 3: Imagine

When people can visualise using your services, their desire to purchase increases.

Put your services or product in their hand.

Apple uses YOU

  • 89 times on the iPhone 14 Page

  • 93 times on the iPhone 14 Pro page

Power Words Imagine

Power Word 4: Because

Psychology studies show that presenting a reason why people should do something can trigger an automatic response.


An alternative to using the word “because” is “so”


You can find your reason by asking "So What" at the end of each sentence.

Power Words Because

Power Word 5: Numbers

Yes, I know it's not A word but

Numbers attract attention because they break your reader's pattern.


  • Write numbers as digits (e.g., 7) rather than words

  • Put numbers in your headline

  • Make them specific when you write about your features

Power Words Numbers

Powerful writing should inspire your readers to take action.

For a bonus extra point take a look at your CTA.

We've all read the "Click here" and "learn more" But what most CTAs fail to do is tell you Why. 

Active voice: Uses an active form of verbs where the Subject is performing an action

Passive voice Uses a passive form of verbs where the Subject is receiving the action from the verb.

You could gently poke your readers into action with wishy-washy CTAs: “Receive a 10% discount if you order today”

Or you can start with an active verb and tell your readers exactly what you expect them to do next and why: “Order today and receive your 10% discount.”


5 Powered Words and 1 bonus tip

Learn to rephrase them to make your copy more actionable

  • New

  • Free

  • Imagine

  • Because

  • Number

  • Active Verb CTAs

How do you use power words in your copy? 

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