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How 1 simple copywriting switch helped me sell a house in 5 days

Screenshot of text message Thanks for selling our house

My sister-in-law contacted me last month. They're relocating to Australia and need to sell their home in the UK.

Now this is a beautiful home, if you saw it you would fall in love with it - so while the product is amazing the problem was no one knew about it.

For the past month, it had been sitting on a realtor's website gathering dust. It had four views and 2 clicks.

All because their description sounded like it was describing the floorplans

When it comes to product descriptions (especially with AI generated copy) we tend to go overboard and end up describing the features like an alt image caption thinking somehow these features make our product unique.

It doesn't!

Take a look at the description of this Cable Tidy. Nothing stands out - nothing would make it memorable and for a product like this the only differentiator becomes the price.It was bad, with no personality.

Product Description for Cable tidy

The Endowment Effect is a psychological effect where we tend to attribute a much higher value to the things we own than to things we don’t. Using this effect means when it comes to copywriting we don’t need to actually own the thing – it just needs to feel like we do. Let your customers imagine they already own your product It can be difficult for customers to imagine what they will end up getting and how it can improve their lives. Your copy needs to put the idea in their heads and make them imagine as vividly as possible what life with your product would look like. IKEA was one of the first companies to master the endowment effect by arranging their showrooms to feel like a home. They encouraged you to touch everything and each time you'll begin to see their products in the context of your life and how they would actually look in your home. PUT YOUR CUSTOMERS IN THE PICTURE: The way IKEA describes their products creates a very specific image. Take their version of a Cable Tidy description. Just by pointing out a common problem and desired outcome and using the word YOU and YOUR, IKEA literally puts the product into your hands.

Product description of cable tidy

Aspirational Language:

Appeal to your audience's aspirations and dreams. Craft your copy to show how your product can help achieve their goals. When readers see your product as a stepping stone toward their desired future, they're more likely to visualize themselves benefiting from it.

IKEA doesn't just leave it to their colourful images to convey the moment but rather focuses on pockets in your day "Good nights sleep"

IKEA description of Serene Green Bedroom

  • Interactive Scenarios Engage multiple senses through your writing to make your copy more immersive. Incorporating sensory details triggers readers' memories and emotions. If you can vividly describe textures, scents, sounds, tastes, and visuals associated with your product, you can transport readers into the scene. This involvement deepens their connection and investment in your message. For example: Airbnb invites you to walk along a beach, enjoy the breathtaking view from your private balcony, wake up to the soothing sounds of waves, and take a dip in the infinity pool

House description

So let's get back to the selling of my sister-in-law's home.

Now I'm going to start with a caveat - This posting is by no means great. I've never written copy to sell a house before and we weren't sure whether the agent would let us make the change. Looking back there are things I would change.

However, my goal was simple to get more prospects to book a viewing.

One of the first things I did was ask my sister-in-law what they loved about the house and why they bought it and then used their words in the description to turn a townhouse into a home.

House description

I'm also going to add that there may feel a slight disconnect between a few of the sentences - due to word count and time restraints my sister-in-law added "integrated appliances and underfloor heating", and the word "wonderfully" when describing the garden. But that's ok it still did what it needed to do - 1 day after the post went live someone booked a viewing and 5 days later they made an offer.

And that's a wrap Mastering the art of putting readers into your copy requires a blend of empathy, creativity, and psychological insight. As readers visualize themselves using your product and experiencing its benefits, they're more likely to take the next step and bring that imagined experience into reality.

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