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What your marketing can learn from the Oppenheimer Movie

Oppenheimer Movie Poster
Oppenheimer Movie Poster

While The Barbie Movie teased their audience with curiosity the movie Oppenheimer relied on something different.

There is no doubt that Oppenheimer will exceed all expectations. Just the very thought of Christopher Nolan co-writing and directing 'Oppenheimer' has movie fans hyped about the movie.

The first time I tried to sell a product online it was a total disaster. I had 15 years of marketing and public relations experience in the luxury market, launched several services, but nothing prepared me for the shock of it not being a success. I reviewed what I thought had gone wrong only to realise the problem was me.

No one knew who I was.

If you notice one thing about the Oppenheimer movie poster - it's clear what the movie's marketing is relying on and that is the reputation of the director Christopher Nolan. His name is above the film title, front and centre!

Your customer has become quite cynical. Maybe it's the "too good to be true" or the "Get what you Pay for" red flags of marketing - which means you have to work harder to build the type of trust that gets your readers to buy from you, subscribe to you, or follow you. It isn’t enough to say you’re the “leading web designer in the UK" or "The best social media marketing agency”

So let's unpack 5 tips for you to gain your audiences ultimate trust and gets them to take the next step with you.

1. Establish yourself as an authority

Those who want a quick shortcut fail to realise that trust is a long game strategy. Nolan has spent the past two decades building up his reputation as an exceptional filmmaker.

  • Niche your expertise

Specialists have greater authority compared to a generalist Focus on the one thing you want to be known for and create content that talks about that specialty using supporting pillars

Screenshot of Just Breathworks Twitter Profile
Just Breathworks

For example, Daniel's specialty is Breathworks but his content pillars focus on sleep, stress and anxiety - things that his audience can relate to

  • Make sure you keep your promises

Nothing breaks trust quicker than overpromising and under delivering.

Actions will always speak louder than words. Show rather than just tell - Warby Parker uses their glowing customer testimonials to answer their FAQs

Warby Parker's FAQ page

2. Understand and acknowledge your audience Nolan's directing style is his vision for his audience - He tells stories that often reinvent the usual genre and tends to leave his films with ambiguous endings, something his audience have come to expect and enjoy.

  • We trust people who understand us, and are suspicious of those who don’t. Get to know your customers concerns and show them that you not only provide a great service for them, but that you care about their personalised needs.

  • Use your customer's language - how do they describe their pain points? - "What keeps them up at night?" and what motivates them - "What makes them jump out of bed in the morning?"

3 . Build your portfolio of work

The Dark Knight Movie Poster
The Dark Knight Movie Poster

Nolan has an impressive deck of movies that consistently push the boundaries and rewards his audience with ground breaking stories. His Audience leave the cinema feeling entertained and looking forward to his next movie

  • Build Your own portfolio of work and showcase them on your platforms

  • Be consistent

  • Don't just stick a brand logo on your website. Use case studies and customer testimonials

4 .Surround yourself with your own stellar cast

The impressive supporting cast of Oppenheimer increases the film's value. Such stars as Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Florence Pugh, Gary Oldman, and Rami Malek elevate the status of the movie.

  • Invite other respected people into your community

  • Create a halo-effect with your peers

  • Accept invitations to Talk on podcasts and conferences

  • Post insightful comments on their social media platforms

Cold email example

Last week I received a cold email. Unfortunately for the sender, there were too many red flags, from not knowing who was making the recommendation to not knowing the person being recommended.

Which leads me to..

5. Get Other People to Write/Talk about you

Gaining your readers trust makes business a whole lot easier.

Twitter Spaces Speakers Line Up

I'll be speaking again this time on a Twitter Space and because of the stellar line up and of course the wonderful host Ilze Švarcbaha's reputation I get messages like this

Twitter Post

If you want your customers to consider you - start building your reputation.

Do you know someone who would love to get better at communicating and writing?

Invite your friends to sign up using the link or share directly on your social.


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