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How to Write Killer Copy for the Boring Stuff

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Copywriting isn't all romance

Let's face not everyone can write about luxury destinations and the latest tech phone. The next time you’re tasked with writing about a dull insurance or SEO business try adding these 7 tips to your copy to your less-than-fascinating topic. Your readers will appreciate it: 1. Boring is relative - Make sure your content has value Your audience are biased when it comes to your communication - they just want to know "What's in it for me" People who are looking for information that:-

  • helps solve a problem

  • inspires

  • entertains

  • educates

will seldom be bored by it. If you’re answering someone’s question - for example, how to use a parking app or what colour to paint a wall —they’re going to get value from your writing because they are seeking an answer. 2. Speak your audience's language Avoid using too much corporate jargon and industry-speak even if you're writing to your peer group. Understand your audience's level of awareness and knowledge on the subject. Establish a relatable "brand" voice - be conversational, and concise. You can imagine you are speaking to a co-worker and lead with your value. Instead of: "We provide synergized software solutions to enhance KPIs and ROI Try: Our software boosts your business’ traffic by gathering customer data.

Lemonade Insurance Almost 5 stars Landing Page

3. Add Humour. This can be a tricky one you don't want to sound too cheesy, but adding humour can make a "boring" industry more human

4. Break down Complex Concepts Boring content is more often just confusing content. The subject matter of certain industries can turn people off because it’s seems complex. Breaking down your concepts into bite-sized content can make it a lot more appealing to your audience. You can read my quick how to simplify complex content here 5. Keep it Concise When it comes to "boring" topics, less is more. Consider where your audience sees your content and ditch any filler words. Stick to one key message and stay on topic. 6. Give Your Reader’s Brains a Break Content no matter how interesting becomes easier to read just by simple formatting. Building breaks is especially important if you’ve got a lengthy piece of writing even after you’ve edited. Shorten your paragraphs Use White space Subheadings Bulleted or numbered lists

How Lemonade Works Infographic

Add Visuals- Maybe it's just me, but I need visuals to stay interested in the content. Images, videos, GIFs help capture your reader’s attention while a well-placed infographic or graph makes complex topics or data points easier to understand and memorable.

7) Invest time in research

Let's face it, there are no boring industries just boring content. You can always turn the "dull" into interesting by finding facts, for example, real estate law may not sound the most captivating of subjects —but when you consider the fact New York realtors are required to disclose any paranormal activity in the buildings they sell - now that's an article even I would read.

If you want to test your copywriting skills take a look at how The Completely Honest Candle Co took their "boring" product in a saturated market and made them well - less boring.

Completely Honest Candle Co

1. Lead with your value

  • Understand your customer's inner and external conflict

  • What's the real reason your customer wants to buy your product?

  • What's their buying trigger

The Completely Honest Candle Can't be arsed to shop

2. Be Controversial

  • Challenge a Perspective

  • Add Humour

Completely Honest Candle Product Information

3. Tell a story

  • Walk with your audience

  • Be conversational

  • Make your customer the hero

Completely Honest Candle Product Information

Don't overcomplicate it

  • Keep it Short and Concise.

  • Don't overcomplicate the description when everyone already knows what the product does

  • Make it easy to go from Solution Aware to Purchase

I've reviewed a gazillion copywriting examples and no matter how interesting the subject may seem - if it's badly worded it will send your audience to sleep. While on the other hand great copywriting, no matter how dull the topic will keep your audience engaged.

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