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Write Website Copy Like Copywriting Legend Joe Sugarman

Jack Sugarman's Blu-Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

Joe Sugarman is considered one of the best copywriters of all time. In his book The Adweek Copywriting Handbook he talks about how Writing effective copy that sells is a multi-layered process.

His most famous sales ad was for Blu Blocker Sunglasses, ran in 1987 and sold 20 million pairs.

It's so persuasive that after reading it I went and researched blue light glasses for my mother!

So let's dive in

Joe Sugarman's style is all about engaging the reader emotionally, telling a compelling story, and presenting a clear and persuasive argument for the product or service. You can use the same elements to create an effective website copy that flows and connects with your audience to drive conversions.

Joe Sugarman's Blue Blocker Headline

1. Your Headline and Introduction Sugarman would often quiz his students in his seminars on the purpose of various copy elements such as the headline and the sub-headlines. And everytime, he would cut them off as they tried to answer with complicated, jargon-filled explanations.

He would explain: “The purpose is to get the first sentence read...And the purpose of the first sentence is to get the second sentence read."

Your headline and introduction have only one purpose that is to hook your reader.

  • Begin with a captivating opening that connects with the reader on a personal level.

  • Set the stage for the main message by highlighting the problem or challenge the reader is facing.

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

2 . Storytelling

Sugarman would use storytelling and engaging narratives to create curiosity and suspense, “Your copy has to put the prospect into a relaxed buying environment,” he said. Storytelling is the quickest way to draw your reader deeper in and leave them wanting to know more.

  • Share a compelling story or personal experience that the reader can relate to.

  • Draw the reader in by making them feel understood and empathized with.

  • Make the story conversational

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

3 . Problem Identification Sugarman uses his narrative to show his reader that he understands their problem. He describes their current situation with clarity but

  • Clearly articulate the specific problem or frustration the reader is experiencing.

  • Gently agitate the problem by describing its negative consequences and how it's holding the reader back.

  • Use your customer's language to describe the problem

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

4 .Solution Introduction "Always sell the cure and avoid selling prevention"

You need to do more than just sell the product. You need to sell a concept, an experience, a solution that makes their world different

  • What makes your solution unique?

  • How does it directly address your reader's needs.

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

5. Benefits & Transformation “The prospect has basic emotional needs that your service will solve. You'll need to understand their emotional need to figure out your prospect’s motivation.

  • Focus on the benefits the reader will gain from using the product.

  • Paint a vivid picture of the transformation the reader will experience after using the product.

  • Take the reader from their current world to the new world

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

6. Overcoming Objections “Somewhere in your ad, you should resolve any objection by providing some justification to the purchaser. Sometimes it’s just saying, “You deserve it.” And other times you might have to justify it in terms of savings ie: health reasons (protects your eyes). Sugarman called this harmony. The customer needs to harmonize with the ad. As soon as they shake their head in disagreement or don't understand what you’re saying, the sale is lost.

  • Answer the question when it is raised by the reader.

  • Address potential objections or concerns the reader might have.

  • Offer reassurance and provide reasons why the product is the right choice.

  • Ask relevant questions or make agreeable statements and get your customers to say “yes”

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

7 . The Irresistible Offer & Take away any Risk “The most important thing you can do to turn a prospect into a customer is to make it incredibly easy for that prospect to commit to a purchase.

You'll want to make that commitment simple, small, and in line with the prospect’s needs

  • Present a compelling and time-sensitive offer that motivates the reader to take action.

  • Add bonuses or incentives to sweeten the deal and create a sense of urgency.

  • Offer a strong guarantee or warranty to reduce the reader's fear of making a purchase.

  • Reinforce the idea that there's no risk in trying the product.

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

8 . Anchor your Value and Price: “By positioning your product and comparing it with others or by proving the value of something even though the value may not be apparent, you are providing the logic with which the prospect can justify the purchase.” Sugarman uses this several times throughout his copy first by anchoring you to how much it cost for a normal pair of sunglasses from Italy and France and then at the end by saying how precious our eyes are.

  • Offer a price comparison to another product to establish it's value in the mind of the purchaser.

  • If your product is the most expensive product being offered, suggest that it has more or better features. If your product is less expensive, focus on better value and use a price comparison.

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

9 . Call To Action “Always ask for the order near the end of your ad.”

Unless you tell your customer what to do next they'll simply won't do anything. Sugarman uses the wording "I urge you to order a pair and experience your improved vision." to get his audience to take action.

  • Craft a clear and persuasive call-to-action that instructs the reader on what to do next.

  • Use action-oriented language to encourage immediate action.

  • Be destinational not directional

Joe Sugarman's Blu Blocker Glasses Copywriting ad

10 . Social Proof One of his lasting marketing innovations sprung from his BluBlocker campaign was the use of social proof. Sugarman set up "man on the street" interviews where people passing by on the street would be asked for their reaction after trying on a pair of BluBlockers.

  • telling the truth is the strongest and most powerful success force

  • get your fans to talk about you and use their words in your copy

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