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You've Hooked Your Reader - Now What? The Importance of your first sentence

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Every Copywriter worth their weight in gold talks about the importance of your hook - your headline, but what happens after you've managed to catch your audience's attention is the real deal breaker.

After all, your reader clicked your content and opened your email, all because something in your headline sparked their curiosity.

But here's where so many fail - they don't deliver on that big promise in their introduction - you know the one that got them to want to know more. They don't even try to make a connection, instead, they go off tangent and start talking about something else.

And now they've disoriented their reader and risk losing them.

So here's the thing - Your first sentence sets the tone for the rest of your content. Its job is to help your reader make the transition from your headline into your copy —and to keep them reading to the end.

The only way to do this is to create an Open Loop System.

The open loop technique is a copywriting trick where you open a story in your copy, but never quite close it with a satisfactory ending. It works because our brains are hardwired to seek out the information we desire.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to stop your audience from scrolling away

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1 . Drop your readers into the middle of the action. (in medias res)

If you've ever watched a James Bond movie you'll know how being dropped into the middle of the action at the start keeps the audience glued to the screen.

Your content doesn't have to be linear. By dropping your reader into the middle of the story you’ll leave them with questions that compel them to want to find a resolution.

You can now create a prologue or flashforward and then go back to explain how you got there. "I made $100K from just 1 phone call..." "I got 1000 views 10 minutes after posting my blog..... " 2 . Form an emotional connection Showing vulnerability and sharing a personal story helps tap into your audience's sense of empathy. It allows them to picture themselves in the same situation especially if you are talking about things they wish to avoid. Speaking to your audience’s fear of losing "How I lost a million-dollar project." rather than talking about gaining, “How I gained more customers” will trigger an emotional reaction that makes them want to know how they can avoid the pain ie: - "I hope I'm not doing that." or "I hope that doesn't happen to me." This method is a great way to guide your customer to avoid any pitfalls. 3 . Make a surprising statement Starting your piece with a controversial or unexpected statement will get your readers to try and anticipate how you’ll prove your statement. Numbers and data are a good way to make your reader say: "I didn't know that" "87% of small businesses fail within the first 3 years..." "The greatest benefit of being a solopreneur is not making money...... " 4. Don't Ask vague questions A question changes the flow of your writing and makes your audience stop to think about their answers. But it’s easy to get this wrong.

You want to avoid asking a question that can be simply answered by “yes” or “no.” or one that doesn't apply to your audience. Don't make overreaching statements like: "Do you find it hard to sleep?" Be specific. "What do you think are the worst foods to eat before you sleep?" 5. Keep your promise Once you have your reader’s attention, you have to constantly write to keep it. If you leave them with unanswered questions, they’ll simply fill in their own answer, become frustrated and leave. Make sure you answer the question posed in your hook.

Hooking your reader is a skill - but once you have caught your audience's attention you need to keep your reader continuously moving through your copy to the end.

There are 5 reactions you want your audience to have after reading your words:-

"This person really gets me!"

"I didn't know that"

"I hope I'm not doing that"

"I hope that won't happen to me"

"I really want that too"

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