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Inspired Teams
Write Strategically

Don't Let Boring Corporate Speak 
Ruin Your Business Communication
Does this sound familiar?

Your team's been slaving over your company newsletter.

They've spent weeks researching, pouring over reports, and hitting that midnight deadline.

They finally send it - only to hear - crickets!

Sounds harsh - But when was the last time anyone commented on your Chairperson's introduction, or that Blog on Agrochemicals, or responded to your LinkedIn Post  (besides your work colleagues)?

Be honest - this is a safe place
You could blame your reader's attention span

BUT wait - didn't they binge-watch a whole season of Stranger Things And what about that article asking them to rate their favourite ice cream flavours!!

Keep reading if you're fed up with your communication getting ignored. 
paper being thrown

Danny K

Chairman Natan Humanitarian



We needed fresh eyes and remarkable writing capabilities for our future newsletter. We needed an updated journalistic style, short, attractive, and punchy.

I was impressed by your professionalism, quick answering, and creativity and will appreciate continuing to be listed with your tips and newsletters.

l am sure that we will find a way to continue our collaboration.

Thank you so much for your help

Mark N

Senior Global Digital Communication and Marketing Operations

W. R Grace Washington DC, USA

Thank you for the excellent workshop this past week. It hit all the right notes

Sharyn N

Vice President, Communications & Government Affairs

W..R. Grace

Washington DC, USA

Thank you so much, Vivien! I’ve heard great feedback from the team.

Nina S

Executive Director

Kansas, USA


It was such a pleasure working with Vivien.


She made me feel at ease from the beginning and she gave me such grace as she understood this was not my area of expertise.


However, she explained it to me with such simplicity that it opened my way of thinking.


She actually made this work exciting in a way I never imagined.


She is great at what she does and it is my goal to tap into her wisdom every chance I get."

Brandy L


Buffalo NY, USA

Vivien was very smart, professional, and knowledgeable.

She provided us with insight and ideas that I feel will really enhance our brand.


This really gave me a different perspective on how we can impactfully market to our audience.

​If part of your brand is what people say about you, why not give them the right language to tell the story?

I believe B2B service industries talk too much about themselves.

The days of rattling off a list of products and features,  — what we do, our pedigree, our trophy case, our process, expecting people to nod to a sale is over. 

Having worked in public relations, I understand the ingrained need to self-promote, but when it comes to writing and communicating with our prospective clients, employees, shareholders and industry peers, we need to do a better job of meeting them where they are - How they retain information and why they should care.

I break down the beauty of writing into fun, bite-sized lessons and actionable ideas for your team.

  • Discover the rhythm and pattern of psychology-based communication that makes your words memorable, impactful, inspirational, and actionable.

  • Craft messaging for the scanner generation and hold their attention

  • Start building a team confident in their writing skills.


I have online and in-person Workshop Options to suit your Corporate Training.

A Hands on Workshop, (discussion, feedback, Q&A) Live Online and In-Person

In Your Custom Built Mastermind, you'll learn How to write human-inspired messaging and save time (and the hair-pulling frustration) on endless rewrites and revisions by discovering How Your Words Work.


  • How to obsess over your audience

  • The Science Behind Human-Designed Communication

  • Master the Art of Storytelling

  • How to NAIL a Killer Hook and grab attention

  • ​The Importance of Visual Design to make your writing effortless to read

  • What makes a no-brainer Call to Action

  • How to turn the boring, technical, complex or even Taboo ideas into Clear Compelling Content

  • Boost your teams' confidence, and get them to feel good about their skills.


2 hour Writing Mastermind and Workshop


Ditch the boring and blah Feature-Heavy content that no one reads and craft compelling, Customer-Value-Human-Centric Communication.

Online and Offline Communication Designed for effortless reading and Impactful Action that doesn't annoy your legal team
Lead the Change

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Wowsers! It makes my day when someone like you decides to ditch the boring, blah corporate speak and create Human-Inspired Messaging.

I aim to reply 2 working days 

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