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How to Turn your Features and Benefits into Customer Value: Copywriting 101

1000 songs in your pocket

One of the biggest mistakes I see Copywriters make in their messaging is not understanding the difference between their product's features, benefit and customer value.

While most companies love to talk about their features, talking about your "how" rather than the "why" is the quickest way to lose your buyer at the beginning of their buyer's journey. On the other hand, just talking about your benefits will make you sound like a snake-oil salesperson and will leave your customer confused at the end of their buyer's journey.

So how do you get your customer to actually make the sale?

You turn your features and benefits into customer value.

Here's how:

Let's start with the essential breakdown- What's the difference between your features, benefits and customer value? Features are the attributes of your product or service these can be your technical specifications, ingredients, and methods of manufacturing. Let's take for example a Dog's Bed. Its Features may include: Sherpa fleece 100% cotton Stuffed bolsters and a removable cover zips off

LL Bean Dog bed

Benefits on the other hand, are what you can do and how it offers a solution to their problem.

So in the case of the dog's bed, it can be supportive, rugged, and comfortable offering the perfect place for your four-legged friend to nest, nuzzle, and nap. It's easy to clean and looks great.

But when it comes to the final push for the sale - you want to turn your features and benefits into customer value.

Customer Value allows you to join the conversation your customer has in their head you.  You'll need to understand What is the real buying trigger - dig deep to identify your audience’s key motivations the problem they want solved and the outcome they desire and ask Why should this matter to your customer?

Write for your customers emotions and speak to a real-world use of the product or service.

LL Bean Dog Bed

Your customer value becomes your hook at the beginning of their buyer's journey. It's the visual story you tell your customers. Your benefits keep them engaged while your features close the sale.

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod he managed to inform his customers about this new invention by balancing its features and benefits and turning it into a unique customer value.

Here's what Steve did that you can do to:

  1. Don't be scared of your features: Speak the language of your audience:

Jobs didn't shy away from mentioning the product features. Because Apple was often compared to other more advanced technology he wanted to be very clear that there was a lot of technology behind the product.

  • Acknowledge your audience's level of knowledge

  • "iPod is an mp3 music player has CD quality music and it plays all of the popular open formats of digital music - mp3, mp3 variable, bitrate, WAV and AIFF"

  • Use words that they understand and anchor them in familiar terms

2. Identify the problem you are solving and add the desired outcome.

  • "It doesn’t matter how many songs you have with you if your battery’s dead"

  • "the biggest thing about iPod is it holds a thousand songs."

  • "10 hours of continuous music"

3. Put it into a visual real-world setting to showcase your customer value

Sensory language and imagery get your audience to put themselves into the story.

  • "Your entire music library fits in your pocket."

The simple truth is that people generally do not care about your features at the beginning of their customer journey. They want to know how their lives will be improved after doing business with you.

Great Copywriting knows when to use features and when to use benefits and when to show customer value.

Learn to tap into your customer's emotions and let them see how your solution can give them value and their desired benefits.

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