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Why your customers aren't engaging with your posts and how to fix it

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The key to connecting with your customers lies in how your message engages with them. It's the bridge between - What you want to be known for and what your audience speaks back.

What is a conversational writing style?

Conversational writing feels like a one-on-one conversation between you and your audience.

It has many advantages:

  • Conveys your message more easily

  • Engages with your customers as a person not a faceless brand.

  • Helps to build customer loyalty. Your customers will want to engage with you, the stronger the relationship the better relationship of trust.

  • Your reader becomes invested in the conversation when they feel included.

But there's a difference between formal writing and conversational that shifts your audience's perspective.

Conversational writing makes your viewer feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

Take a look at the following example:

a) “Come down to Sam's Pizzeria and taste the difference.”

b) “People tell us our pizza is the tastiest in town. Join us - we’d love for you to try it.”

Which one sounds like Sam's talking directly to you and inviting you to their Pizzeria?

Why conversations work

According to Harvard Business Review, positive conversations produce oxytocin, a “feel-good hormone,” that encourages people to communicate and collaborate with others.

When you have a conversation with your readers, they release more oxytocin, which makes them feel a personal connection with you and makes them more open to trust you. The tone you adopt in your writing depends on many factors: the kind of business you’re in, your target audience, and your messaging goal.

I've put together 8 strategies that have helped me become more conversational in my writing:

Wendy Twitter

1/ Use the words “you” and “I” – it may seem simple, but without them, it’s hard to write a conversation.

2/ Use shorter sentences:

Long sentences reduce readability by taking more focus and time to process the information. By shortening your sentence, you make your point easier to read and understand.

3/ Choose simple words

Remember that you’re writing to connect, not to impress. Write so that anyone can understand what you’re talking about. Avoid industry jargon and buzzwords. Use words that you would use in everyday life, No one says "with reference to" in a conversation, instead use "about"

4/ Use contractions

Do you say, “I will go to work,” or “I’ll go to work.” Write like you speak -

use contractions.

5/ Use transitions – you’ll probably cover multiple subtopics within your blog post, just like you would in a regular conversation. Make sure the transitions are smooth. Using headings isn’t enough. You need to use sentences to create transitions.

Landing Page Copywriting example

6/ Ask questions A question changes the flow of your writing and makes your audience stop to think about their answers.

6/ Use an Active Voice A passive voice, often makes the sentence seem longer and harder to understand with the subject of the sentence being acted upon by the action For example:

Passive voice: Your order can be returned.

Compared to Active voice: You can return your order.

With an active voice, the subject of the sentence is carrying the action of the verb.

7/ Tell a Story Stories catch and keep your audience's attention. Remember to add some personality such as humor, to keep the story entertaining. Sensory words and visuals are also a good way to make your story memorable.

8/ Read it out loud

Read your copy aloud - if it sounds one-sided explain what you’ve written to a friend and

then, replace your draft with what you just said.


Conversational Writing lets you start a dialogue with your reader

1/ Use I and You words

2/ Use Shorter Sentences

3/ Choose Simple Words

4/ Use Contractions

5/ Ask Questions

6/ Use an Active Voice

7/ Tell a Story

8/ Read it out loud

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