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Strategic Communication Workshops For B2B Teams

Discover the psychology behind  memorable, impactful and actionable Content and how to apply it to your business 


Discover Why Our Words Work.

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Naturally Attract Your High-Quality Clients

(Communication Inspired by Human Nature)

How DIY-ing Your Words is Costing You Clients

TODAY, Anyone and their AI can write - but words that connect and convert your clients take more than a few catchy words strung together.

The problem is everyone uses the same generic, blah - filler words on their website, in their content, company newsletters, internal communication, and email marketing.


Words that don't mean anything to your customer and give the wrong impression of your brand.

Which sadly for you means:

- You undermine your company's credibility

- You're forgettable

- You'll have to work triple-time to get a sale

It's time for a change!

Why Our Words Work - The Art & Science to Writing for Your Customer 
Hi There

I'm Vivien 
And I work as a Consultant and Communication Trainer to indie entrepreneurs, CEOs, and in-house B2B communication teams. People like you who want to share their big ideas, inspire their clients, and create customer-centered messaging that aligns your marketing and
positions your business as the BEST option. (Who said we had to write short sentences1).

As business leaders, we usually assume it’s our services or our prices that stop our customers from taking action.

We spend money changing our website design, our logo, even our marketing team...


But if:

  • Your ideal clients aren't getting in touch

  • Your sales calls are full of questions

  • You're being asked to change your services or lower your price

  • No one talks about you - but they do talk about your competitors

Then you may be surprised to know you have a word problem.

I've spent 10 years in Public Relations and Communications -  And I know not all words are created equal.

I use human nature to help tap into the best way to engage with your audience.

How they retain and process information and How to make your content effortless to read.

I help you ditch the boring Corporate Jargon and create effective Audience-First Content that communicates your business value clearly to your customers so you don't have to waste time trying to convince them because they've already decided to work with you.

Yes you could spend the next few months searching for the best way to  tell the world about your brilliant business


- OR you can

Discover Why Our Words Work and start developing a communication strategy inspired by human nature that

  • builds your credibility

  • warms cold leads

  • fills your sales calendar

  • attracts inbound quality DMs

  • grows your business

  • gains show-stopping business opportunities.

  • Impresses your boss

  • And is loved by your customers


If this sounds like something you want to achieve - Come in, pull up a chair, subscribe to my free newsletter and get in contact.


Never Struggle to Write for Your Customers Again.

From Vivien signature

Your Strategic Communication Designer & Team Trainer

2 Ways to Work Together 

3 Weeks to Launch, Positioning and Messaging that attract all the right clients 

For Indie Entrepreneurs who want to stop over-complicating their message and quicken their sales funnel.

Translate your business ideas into clear copy that communicates your value and naturally draws your high-quality clients in.

Strategic Communication Writing Workshops for In-House B2B Teams and C-Suites 

Remove the jargon from your corporate messaging and tell better stories.

Scale your in-house team's messaging skills and get everyone on the same page

I create a custom curriculum for your company filled with real-life actionable lessons and snackable examples that help you impress the boss and meet your business communication goals.

What Happy Clients Say

Nina S

Executive Director

Kansas, USA


It was such a pleasure working with Vivien.


She made me feel at ease from the beginning and she gave me such grace as she understood this was not my area of expertise.


However, she explained it to me with such simplicity that it opened my way of thinking.


She actually made this work exciting in a way I never imagined.


She is great at what she does and it is my goal to tap into her wisdom every chance I get."

Oli. B

Productivity Coach


Vivien provided me with perspectives that no one else has and allowed me to visualise new ideas for content and potential business strategy.


Vivien is passionate about what she does, and as a result, speaking with her was really enjoyable as well as insightful.


I’ve been thinking about a number of different aspects of my content and brand that I can work on since speaking with Vivien, and it’s time to start implementing!

Kevin B

Senior Copywriter

Mumbai, India


Honestly, I couldn't have found your content at a better time as I'm planning to dive into direct response copywriting.


Your website got me binge reading your useful tips. Already subscribed to your NL.

Audience Clapping

Jules S

Executive Director

California, USA


We needed to be able to clearly communicate what we are building to potential donors and funders.


I needed to be concise and have the best trailer possible that would get these folks to buy and support our mission.

I cannot say enough that it was an absolutely WONDERFUL experience working with Vivien.


She helped me refine my pitch for my org and abbreviate my why for founding the org.


Vivien is thoughtful, insightful, and has great ideas. I highly recommend working with Vivien.

Wen Chi

Founder & Life Coach

San Diego, USA


Thank you so much for your brilliant guidance! I surprised myself how far I have come.

I have learned so much in such a short period of time!

My new website will look so much better - it’s a night and day transformation!!!

Christian 0

Marketing Communications Manager

Wisconsin, USA


It was great to work with Vivien.

She is very professional, knowledgeable and a great listener.

She provided our organization with great insights and solutions.

If you need support with your branding, internal/external communication, she is the person to connect with.

Overall grateful for this experience and the outcome!

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